innocent hero
Mega's arake Mega's arake!

Calm down Gaomon. [laughing] Hey everyone, Gaomon says I've been data frozen, though with all this snow, I'm surprised I didn't wake up frozen frozen.


Just joking, Gaomon. So what did I miss?

[accidental audio]
eh-heh, I can't believe this
[sound of Gaomon shaking water off]

Ack! Cut it out, Gaomon. You're getting water all over me.

Roops, rorry Mega.

[sigh] It's alright. I was already soaked to begin with. Lets get home so I can get a towel.

[Gaomon snickers]

[video - locked from hostiles]
[Gaomon shows up on screen with a marker board in one gloved paw and a marker in the other. He writes on it a moment then holds it up to the screen]

My Tamer is upset. Nothing I say cheers him up. Help?

[accidental audio]
Don't try to stop me, Gaomon! She's messing with my family and I won't stand for it! I'm not waiting around anymore; I'm taking action and hunting her down if it's the last thing I do.

[There's the sound of a struggle, Gaomon ignoring Rock and trying to pin him down anyway. It does not go well for the digimon if the yelp is anything to go by]

What did I tell you!

[video - locked to DATS and family]
here we go
[Rock appears on screen in armor, inside what appears to be an igloo. There's a red Wanyamon in his lap and despite its cheerfulness, Rock looks concerned.]

I've had it explained to me and it's slowly coming back, this world and everything that's going on in it. [A pause before stating the obvious] I'm not dead. I don't know how or why, but here I am.

[He pets the ball of fur some, looking thoughtful.]

It may be best if this doesn't become public knowledge for now. The one that tried to kill me said it wasn't personal; there's something bigger going on. If she doesn't know I'm alive, it could throw a wrench into her plans. I guess you'll want to know who I'm talking about. I'm sorry to say I don't know who she was, but I can offer a description. I hope it'll be enough to track her down in time to stop whatever she has planned.

[backdated to the 25 because mun sucks at coming up with gift ideas - locked to Lightbot household]
[attachments for all: toy marshmallow guns]
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[locked to Time and Cut]
Guys, I've got a way to trap Elec. We just need to lure him out without making things look suspicious. If he knows we're trying to catch him, it might now work.

[Calling MegaKat Auto Shop and Scrap Yard]
Hey, I saw one of your ads and was wondering if you could make something to hold onto an electric user? My brother has gone.... rouge and I need to catch him while causing as little damage to either of us as possible.

[locked from hostiles] - backdated to the 19th
upset, worried
I have a big problem here. My brother, Elec, has gone missing. Gaomon found his scent around Saber Mountains, but it stopped at a lightpost. But the real worrying thing about it is, Quick Man's scent was there too.

I wish it was just coincidence, but the odds are that he's been kidnapped. Please, I need help finding him. If anyone has any information on either of their whereabouts, I need to know.

[attached: a photo of Elec and a drawing of Quick]

Hey, anyone want to help me name my fish? I can't keep calling him Mr Fishy. [picture of a green fish from Gomamon's Marching Fish attack]

And I've been thinking about dressing up as one of the Wilybots for Halloween, but which one?


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