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upgradedtohero's Journal

Rock (Megaman) Light
Character Name: DLN 001 Rock "Megaman" Light

Place of Origin: Classic Mega Man universe

Height: 4'4"
Weight: 230 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Mega buster: arm cannons capable of firing plasma shots and charged plasma blasts. Rock no longer has the ability to charge after spending some time back home.

Variable Weapons System or copy ability: copies weapons data from other robots and converts it so Mega can use a form of their attack.

Elemental Cannon: fires either vacuum blades, water torrents, or bullets of varying light or darkness energy.

Triple Blade: A blade weapon that spreads out in an upward or downward pattern depending on if he's airborne or not.

Water Shield: A shield weapon that rotates around Rock, each drop taking the damage and disappearing when hit. It can also be fired, the drops spiraling outward. It's not perfect though and shots can get through it.

Commando Bomb: A bomb weapon that can be controlled after firing. The direction it goes can be changed twice before it hits something, however, it doesn't detonates unless it hits a wall, ceiling, or floor. It can still do damage without exploding, but it's not nearly as much.

Chill Spike: An ice weapon that either freezes an enemy in place or makes spikes on the floor and walls.

Thunder Wool: An electric weapon that launches a small cloud that floats up to release a lightning bolt down to the ground.

Rebound Striker: A physical impact weapon that bounces around, gaining speed and power with each bounce. It can bounce up to four times.

Wheel Cutter: Another blade weapon that can either be attached to the arm to act as a buzz saw, launched to zip across the ground and up walls, and even used to scale walls.

Solar Blaze: A fire weapon that travels a ways before bursting into two fire blasts.

Other: ((get to this later))